"If You Want To Know How To Build A Lean, Head-Turning, Model Physique Without Dieting Or Death By Cardio...This Book Is For You"

Even If You Think You Have Bad Genetics Or You Just Don't Think You Have The "Discipline"

This Book Will Help You To... 

  • Learn the secret to start instantly harnessing your body's fat-burning systems -so you strip exclusively fat and get down to single-digit body fat, allowing you to look great at the pool, command respect and increase confidence in yourself. 
  • Create powerful regenerative and immune system benefits through fasting- to keep you happy and healthy on your journey.
  • Learn the key to making your introduction to fasting painless and smooth - allowing you to enjoy the freedoms of fasting faster, like not having to prep meals, cut out beloved foods, or feel guilty about large filling meals. 
  • Discover the real reason that one friend of yours can eat whatever they want and still be fit -  and learn to create the same freedom for yourself. 
  • Learn a technique that almost no one knows about to plan for nights out, vacations, holidays, and strategically turn these "cheat days" and overeating into an advantage - so even on the days you're not so strict, you're still advancing toward your goals. Which means you feel less restricted and more liberated to live your life as wild and free as you normally would. 
  • ​Unlock the gates to POWERFUL sources of motivation, and not just with fitness but the rest of your life - discipline yields more freedom. It also allows you to be successful in other endeavors and achieve a true transformation. 
  • The key to developing a routine that will leave your friends and family wondering how you can eat what you eat and still be in such great shape - at times it might evens surprise you. 
  • Learn to tap into biological hacks proven to aid in faster and more efficient muscle building, as well as muscle preservation- so you can stay focused on gainz while getting shredded and keep all of your friends and family impressed. 
  • ​Boost your productivity during the work day through the effect of fasting on mental clarity- so you can keep grinding at work and work for that promotion or that business you're building, and keep your family and loved ones happy, well-fed, and safe. 
  • And So Much More...

So you can get rid of...

  • Expensive supplements
  • Restrictive and exhausting crash diets
  • Needless extra hours spent on cardio and the gym
  • ​Tupperware lunches

What are others already saying about Fasting Secrets?

"Kevin is a testament to the life changing benefits of intermittent fasting. This book will inspire and provide you with practical tools that will help you transform your life."

-Omar Winning: Model and Fitness Enthusiast

The Lyman's: 

"I read Kevin's book a few weeks ago. It was a quick read and felt compelled to give his program a try. I found it very easy to follow and I'm already seeing results. I am looking forward to the sequel."
-Jim L

"This book has great tips for starting on the path to reach your fitness goals without traditional dieting. When I first heard of IF, I thought there was no way I could do it. Then I read this book, and now I'm on my 12th consecutive day & feeling pumped about my success! It's a quick and fun read that gave me the motivation to get moving toward my fitness goals. Thanks, Kevin!"

-Sharon L

Along with Fasting Secrets you'll also receive these BONUSES...

  • INSTANT ACCESS to a complete, printable, done-for-you workout and meal plan structuring tool-all you do is fill in your information (this is the exact structure I've followed for the past 2+ years...) ($47 value)
  • A case study detailing the exact routine followed to shred from 19% body fat to 15% body fat in less than 2 months while losing virtually NO muscle.  ($87 value)
  • Your physical copy of Fasting Secrets rushed to your door-FREE + shipping ($19.95 value)

$153.95 worth of material...ALL just for just a single payment of $19.95+shipping

(price of 1 happy meal)

We bought the book for you, just cover shipping and handling!

The Problem With Fitness Today Is NOT Finding An Effective Method...It's Finding An Effective Method You Can Stick To.

The ketogenic diet works. "Eating clean" works. ramping up how much cardio or HIIT you're doing works (sometimes.) 

But they're not fun. They suck the life out of you. They make it hard to enjoy socializing and they take all of the flavor out of life (literally). 

That's why intermittent fasting is the future. Not only is it more effective than traditional dieting, but it allows you to enjoy large satiating meals unrestricted. 

It doesn't suck the life out of you. That's why it works. It's the easiest way to strategically manage food intake without giving up everything you like. 

I'll show you the best ways to create even more flexibility in your life than you probably think is possible, all while steadily building a leaner and healthier physique. 

Not Sure You're Cut Out For Fasting?

Neither was I. Nor was anyone I know who has used intermittent fasting to transform their lives. 

The idea of giving up food for longer periods of time is daunting for some. And it sounds impossible for others. 

"I'm already hungry all the time and I don't even fast. I could never do that". Yep, that's what I thought too. 
And that's the one drawback. 

The first week (or few weeks) can be tough. You're denying your body of the very thing your instincts tell you you can't get enough of. 

But it's fleeting!

And biologically, your body is literally on your side. It's been shown that after adjusting to intermittent fasting (usually takes between 1 to 3 weeks) your body:

1. Reduces it's production of ghrelin (the HUNGRY hormone) so hunger during your fasts fades quickly. 
2. Increases it's production of leptin (the FULL hormone) so you feel full more quickly. 

So within a few short weeks (even less for some), your own body begins to help you feel less hungry, and more full. 

This is just one of the innumerable benefits of intermittent fasting, but it solves the one problem 99.99% of people initially have with it. 

No one will force you to continue fasting once you start. But who says you'll even want to? 😉 

And in Fasting Secrets, I take you by the hand and show you every single tip, trick, and hack I've discovered over the past 5 years of vigorous fasting, and so much more. 

Grab your free copy of Fasting Secrets while you can. 

It's True! Now YOU Can Build A Lean, Model Physique! You Don't Have To Give Up All Of Your Time, Or Your Favorite Foods. 

And here's more great news. 

Getting in great shape doesn't have to mean years and years of hard work and trial and error (like it does for most people). 

This can be a huge transformative moment for you, right now.

And here's something else I want you to know. I sincerely want to help you! 

I want you to feel super happy in your own skin. I want you to turn heads at the pool. I want you to be happier, healthier and fitter! 

I want you to experience the same self-satisfaction in the morning that makes you feel fulfilled, and confident each and every day. 

We all have the power to improve our lives and ourselves. But that starts with a decision. Make that decision today!

Not only does it make me feel good to help other people, but helping you helps me!

The more people who actually transform their lives by reading this book, the more people will be willing to give me the honor of allowing me to coach them personally!

So not only do I want to help, but I'm forced to give you as much valuable information as possible if I actually want to achieve that goal. 

That's why Fasting Secrets comes with a...
Fasting Secrets: The Highway To A Shredded Physique
No Worries. The Book Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. 
That's right. You don't even have to send the book back. You can keep it. I guarantee it will help you or I'll return your $7.95 immediately.
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P.P.S. Let's be blunt: if you pass this up, a week from today, will you have made any significant changes that will help you get shredded while actually having fun? Probably not!

You'll still long for it and desire that physique, but you won't make the right changes for it to be feasible. Face it. Most of what you need is instruction, motivation, and encouragement. Get this book now, and start your transformation today. Wouldn't you like to be bragging and showing off your new bod a few months from now? 

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